Pak Mail specializes in brand awareness

Paper may seem like a two-dimensional product with little pizzaz, but in the right hands, it becomes a useful marketing tool or impactful present to highlight life’s milestones.

“We help people turn their idea into a tangible product in a short amount of time,” said Tim Kincade, owner of Pak Mail Jonesboro. “People are always so surprised. They just don’t realize all we do and it’s hard to get that word out.”

Word has been good, though. Pak Mail has increased the brand awareness of a laundry list of professionals, from Realtors to CPAs, politicians to party planners and tutors to personal trainers. The professionals at Pak Mail go beyond the material and transform that whisper of an idea into a valuable product that works for your niche.

“If you have an ‘It’ we can print it,” he said. “Whatever your ‘It’ is, we can print it package it and ship it.”

There’s not enough room on a standard size banner to list all that Pak Mail can do. They don’t simply make copies, print business cards and produce banners but can also assist with the design and marketing of fliers, brochures, backdrops, tablecloths, direct mail campaigns or whatever a client plans to print.

The way that business cards, flyers and invitations are styled can affect whether people come to the event or pick up the phone and call the business to book an appointment. A proficient printing company can advise on every aspect of your item, from the type of card stock or vinyl to the design, typeface, illustrations, color of type, as well as color choices of the paper, plastic or font.

Unlike big box printing stores, each employee at Pak Mail is specialized in print production. 

“We help customers with all their printing needs all while offering our experience in helping bring their ideas to life,” Kincade said.

The current political year has created a buzz in the community, with clients arriving with demanding needs in the middle of the day to boost their campaigns by evening.

“We never know what last-minute thing they’ll come up with at 3 p.m. and want it by 5 p.m.,” Kincade said. “But we’ve been doing this a long time and we understand it’s the nature of it. We haven’t missed one yet.”

Push cards, stickers, updated campaign promise handouts and magnets have all made their way from a hurried idea to an impactful product at the hands of Kincade and his staff.

“We also do vehicle graphics, window treatments, tinting, wall graphics and floor graphics,” he said.

Often clients arrive with a paper product or design they expect can be copied and placed on business cards, banners or fliers.

“They come in with unreal expectations, no digital files and they don’t realize what printing really is and what it takes,” Kincade said. “Our graphic designers are super talented. We have built a reputation of being a place with a quick turnaround. We can only work so fast, and that is pretty fast."

In an organization with more than 800 stores across the country that do the same type of business, Pak Mail of Jonesboro continues to keep its firm place among the top performers, year after year. Kincade believes that printing belongs in the business model, so much so that he consults with other stores that decide to grow their own printing service capabilities.

Pak Mail works with area schools to print banners, fliers and educational tools. Aside from handing over attractive and effective products, they have assisted the schools in making their events more profitable through Pak Mail’s production and marketing touches.

“One of the hardest things to get the word out is all that we produce,” Kincade said. “We are a complete printing center, A-Z. We not only print it or make it, but we will also package and process it and get it ready for the shipping company of your choice. 

Decal Cutting Examples:

This article was presented and sponsored by Pak Mail. For more information, go to Visit Pak Mail at 361 Southwest Drive or call at 870-931-5151



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Pak Mail specializes in brand awareness
Pak Mail specializes in brand awareness

There’s not enough room on a standard size banner to list all that Pak Mail can do for businesses to gain exposure in a market place.