Pak Mail makes the process of shipping convenient

The shipping business was significantly impacted by the advancement of the e-commerce industry. That rapid growth made shipping one of the fastest-growing sectors, with significant changes in technology and processes. This means more opportunities to get your packages where they need to be in a timely manner, with a variety of service levels. The multiple options can also be overwhelming.

Thats where Pak Mail steps in as a partner for your business to get your products safely where they need to be in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

"We are a place where people have choices, from USPS to FedEx to UPS and DHL, they can do it all here," said Tim Kincade, owner of Pak Mail Jonesboro. "Well make sure it is packaged correctly and shipped the best way for the client. We are truly all-inclusive."

How your package gets to where its going matters. Pak Mail makes the process of shipping convenient for residents and businesses in Jonesboro.

"We have all the major carriers and shipping options available to our clients and customers and they can choose the one that best suits their needs," Kincade said. "They trust us for our expertise, they love us for our customer service and they can do it all in one place."

Pak Mail works with world-class carriers that handle the pick-ups and deliveries of its customers packages. The team at Pak Mail helps customers with unusual situations get their parcels from point A to point B in one perfect piece.

"People come in and we can identify any problems and find the best cure so that the package arrives healthy and in good shape," he said.

What many clients that come to Pak Mail dont understand is the chaos that occurs once a package leaves the Jonesboro storefront.

With certain carriers, that important international package can go dark for days once it leaves the United States.

We know what carriers are the best and the most reliable and explain the different levels of service to our customers so that they are informed and can make the best decision for their needs.

"We are unique in that aspect of shipping," Kincade said.

Parcels typically go through miles of conveyor belts that place them in a maze of more conveyer belts to direct them to the correct delivery truck, semi, freighter or flight. The package is getting picked up and dropped among hundreds of other boxes along the way, either by hand or mechanical arm.

"We go way far above and beyond because we know how to package the correct way because we understand the rigors of shipping," Kincade said. "We try to educate the customer to these things so they can avoid the unnecessary frustrations and have a peace of mind that their treasure is in good hands."

This article was presented and sponsored by Pak Mail. For more information, go to Visit Pak Mail at 361 Southwest Drive or call at 870-931-5151


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